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Mark Boulos : From Militancy to Ecstasy

Monograph published by Hatje Cantz

Book Launch, Film Screening and Artist Talk, 8th June 7pm
Whitechapel Art Gallery, London E1 7QX

The first monograph dedicated to the work of American-Swiss artist filmmaker Mark Bolous (* 1974). Over the past decade Mark Boulos has expanded the scope of time-based media in exhibitions. His ethnography transforms actual life into essay-like hybrid films blending documentary cinema with art gallery installation. Whether set amidst traffic in London’s financial district, conflict in the Nigeria Delta, a Catholic home in Damascus, rebel territory in the Philippines, a field in Syria, a church in Greenwich, or upon an acting stage in Hollywood, Boulos traces the complexities of our era at the fringes of politics and cinema. Each montage composes narrative in a manner that evades the codes of representation that guide contemporary video art. With over 100 images, texts, interviews, and accounts from the field by the artist, the first monograph of Boulos’ work gives an extensive overview of his oeuvre. Edited by Matthew Schum, text(s) by Sacha Craddock, Gareth Evans and Christian Viveros-Fauné. Copies of the book are available to buy here


Gina Czarnecki and Professor John Hunt (UK)

22 Feb — 13 May
Birmingham Open Media, Birmingham, UK

22 April — 25 May
The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan



What is the sound of a dying planet? Climate Symphony turns hard data on climate change into a symphony, telling the story of what climate change means through sound. Spend a day with journalists, climate scientists, data analysts and sound artists to collaboratively explore and discover how to change climate change research data into a sound and music composition. The evening includes audio visual performances by renowned sound artists Kate Carr and Lee Paterson who use field recordings in the composition of their work, often from environments in which climate change is taking effect. Climate Symphony is produced and curated by Forma, Disobedient films and Jamie Perera. Further details including tickets availability for the lab workshop and evening performances here

17th June 2017
Artsadmin, London

Supported by Arts Council England