20th Anniversary


New Identity
for Forma’s
20th Anniversary

Forma is celebrating its 20th anniversary by launching an ambitious series of initiatives for 2022 – from large-scale commissions across the world to a new associate artist programme, a curatorial fellowship, the roll-out of our affordable studios and plans to gift unique artworks to UK public collections. Founded in 2002, Forma established its name as a collaborative commissioner that ‘has always been on the side of artists’ (Nicholas Serota, the Chair of Arts Council England). To mark this year of celebration, we present our new identity developed with Studio Mathias Clottu, reflecting this commitment to giving form to artistic vision.

This year marks an important phase in the organisation’s development. Following our recent move to FormaHQ, located in the award-winning Peveril Garden and Studios, 2022 will see a flurry of new programmes and activities taking place within our Southwark community. This includes our international residency programme, artist studios and workspaces, a public programme of events, the launch of our book shop and cafe, and a curatorial fellowship to specifically engage with local communities.

For the new identity, we took the designers at Studio Mathias Clottu through our archive, which holds publications and printed matter displaying Forma’s logos since 2002. As well as honouring its legacy, the designers acknowledged some more recent milestones in the organisation’s life, including the Brutalist architecture of FormaHQ and Peveril Gardens. More importantly, this new identity captures the renewed energy of Forma – its nimble and shapeshifting business model, the dynamism and collaborative spirit of the team and the vision and ambition of the artistic programme.


The logo uses the bespoke variable font Polotypy, that embodies Forma’s key ability to work across a wide spectrum of art forms, mediums, locations and scale. The modular stencils will come to life across Forma’s print and digital output – from exhibition posters to newsletters, film productions, publications, editions and the website. The development was expertly done by Archive, who had originally built it.

Designer Mathias Clottu said:
Polotypy is our own version of Patrona Grotesk, a Czech stencil from the 1930s of which little is known. It originally consists of 38 disjointed geometric elements that can be arranged like the parts of a mechanism. We have developed the existing modules to come to 3 main sizes of the letters, which can in turn construct an extensive variety of systematic shapes. With this family of 3 weights Forma can create distinctive printed visuals that are easy to customise, and can be developed into configurable digital animations.

Chris Rawcliffe, Artistic Director at Forma, said:
For 20 years Forma has played a pivotal role in championing contemporary artists to be curious and ambitious and to take time to experiment across artforms. This mission, driven by a focus on production values and sector collaboration, has led to seminal artworks and world tours including over a decade of productions with Ryoji Ikeda on the ‘datamatic’ series; new installations and performances by Gina Czarnecki, Lynette Wallworth, Charles Atlas and William Basinski; Bill Morrison’s and Jóhann Jóhannsson’s epic collaboration ‘The Miners’ Hymns’ and recent collaborations with Himali Singh Soin, Alberta Whittle, Amartey Golding and Cécile B Evans.

Mathias and his team have developed a new identity and logo for Forma which perfectly captures the essence of Forma – a contemporary art organisation in constant flux, one that embraces multidisciplinary productions and collaborations, and that can work at all scale, anywhere in the world. To celebrate our 20th anniversary Forma will launch a series of new programmes, commissions and celebratory events throughout 2022. Come and join us!


The anniversary celebrations will take place in summer 2022 with a series of events at FormaHQ and Peveril Gardens. Upcoming events and exhibitions include the Frieze Artist Award 2021 as well as Amartey Golding’s show Bring Me To Heal at its final stop at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning in Brixton.

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